How to Study for Standardized Tests

How to Study for Standardized Tests

Donald Sefcik

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  • Publisher:
  • Jones & Bartlett Learning
  • Edition:
  • 1
  • Year Published:
  • 2012
  • Pages:
  • 232
  • Format:
  • Soft Cover
  • ISBN:
  • 9780763773625
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  • HSST
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How to Study for Standardized Tests focuses on three key variables: the test, you, and important study resources, including study methods and techniques. This detailed guide describes and explains how to take tests effectively and efficiently in a timed environment while helping to reduce the impact of test anxiety.

The authors include a discussion of techniques to help you select answers when guessing is your only option. By learning as much as you can about what it takes to prepare for and perform well on standardized tests and by following the advice in this book, you can realize your high-scoring potential.

Why should you buy a book on How to Study for Standardized Exams?

  • You want to increase your test score.

  • You believe that although you will perform well, you can do better.

  • You want to learn how to study less and still get a high score.

  • You are committed to devoting the time and energy necessary to improve your study techniques and test-taking skills.

  • All of the above!