Pocket Psych Drugs

Point-of-Care Clinical Guide

Pocket Psych Drugs

Darlene Pedersen

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  • Publisher:
  • F. A. Davis Company
  • Edition:
  • 2
  • Year Published:
  • 2018
  • Pages:
  • 234
  • Format:
  • Wire Binding
  • ISBN:
  • 9780803675780
  • Product Code:
  • PPD2
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Keep this portable must-have reference in your pocket at all times to quickly access the psychotropic drug information you need! More than 70 drug monographs provide targeted pharmacologic information on indications, pharmacokinetics, dosages, adverse reactions, and drug interactions, including herbal and food interactions. Special features address considerations for special populations. Detailed assessments tell you what needs to be monitored when administering a specific drug. Available dosage forms provide costs for selected drugs.

Key Feature

  • Monographs, organized alphabetically by generic name, detailing geriatric, pediatric, and substance abuse considerations, as well as clinical assessments and clinical alerts highlighting essential patient safety information for the clinician at "point-of-care."
  • Coverage of psychopharmacology and psychobiology, including - pharmacodynamics o pharmacokinetics o drug-herbal interactions o therapeutic drug classes o and side effects associated with specific classes.
  • Common and therapeutic lab values, as well as clozaril protocol.
  • Tools Tab featuring... common abbreviations o medication assessment tool o psychotropic approximate dose equivalencies o pregnancy categories o controlled substances schedules o BMI and metabolic syndrome and o conversion of trade to generic names.
  • FDA-approved "Black Box Warnings" highlighting serious risks and precautions.