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Nurse Practitioner Certification Examination and Practice Preparation

Latest edition of the best-selling NP review book

 Nurse Practitioner Certification Examination and Practice Preparation

Margaret A. Fitzgerald

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  • Publisher:
  • F. A. Davis Company
  • Edition:
  • 5
  • Year Published:
  • 2017
  • Pages:
  • 576
  • Format:
  • Soft Cover
  • ISBN:
  • 9780803660427
  • Product Code:
  • SGN5
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The new edition of this award-winning text, written by renowned NP educator and certification preparation expert Dr. Margaret Fitzgerald, is the only book that teaches the how, what and why of NP practice, critical to passing the NP boards. An excellent resource for NP students, NPs preparing for certification, and NPs in clinical practice, Nurse Practitioner Certification Examination and Practice Preparation, 5th edition, is the essential text for certification review. The 5th edition is updated to reflect the latest guidelines, recommendations, diagnostic and treatment protocols, and procedures. A required textbook in more than 100 NP programs, this book features:

  • Key information about pathophysiology, mechanism of disease, physical assessment, differential diagnosis, pharmacodynamics, and pharmacokinetics to help promote sound clinical reasoning skills needed to succeed in the NP boards and practice.

  • 177 essential quick-look tables on common clinical conditions to facilitate learning and practice

  • More than 2300 prep questions, available online and in text to reinforce learning and practice test-taking skills.

  • 576 pages of essential clinical information, 75 more pages than the 4th Edition.

  • Full-color design with full-color photographs integrated throughout.

  • Professional issues chapter, key information for the exam and practice.