Optimizing Your NP Career

Employment Search, Interviewing, Negotiation, and Professional Growth

Vanessa Pomarico

Vanessa Pomarico

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The New Employment Cycle

Whether you are a new NP seeking a first NP position or a seasoned NP looking for a new opportunity or re-entering practice, this will help you take charge of your career. Learn how to find and obtain the best position, interview, negotiate, and achieve maximum career growth. 


Part I: Employment Search & Interview Strategies: A Step by Step Approach

Learn successful strategies to navigate an employment search and gain an interview for an NP position. NP leader and nationally renowned speaker, Dr. Pomarico breaks down the necessary steps toward gaining NP employment.

Conducting the Search
  • Discover how and where to find traditional and nontraditional NP positions
  • Create successful cover letters, resumes, and curriculum vitae
  • Successfully negotiate the screening process and get to the next step, the interview

Nailing the Interview

Reinforce the positive impression from your application and get the desired employment offer.

Learn how to:

  • Prepare for the Interview
    • Research the employer
    • Select appropriate attire
  • Conduct yourself during the interview
    • Handle difficult questions smoothly
    • Ask the right questions
    • Make an excellent face-to-face impression
  • Manage post-interview tasks
    • Best follow up practices
    • Prepare for second interviews

Part II Negotiate Your Employment Offer: Strategies to Obtain the Best Contract

Learn how to manage this important step toward successful employment. NP leader and nationally renowned speaker, Dr. Vanessa Pomarico will help you learn to apply successful contract negotiation strategies.
Discover how to:

  • Obtain the best contract possible
  • Successfully deal with the sometimes unfamiliar and potentially anxiety-provoking steps of contract negotiations
  • Identify the areas for pre-employment discussion and determine those open to negotiation
  • Apply negotiation strategies to optimize salary, benefits, bonuses, and perks
  • Clarify all aspects of your future job description and responsibilities to avoid unexpected or unpleasant surprises after you sign a contract

Part III Maximize Career Growth: Seize Professional Opportunities

Once you have obtained a position, discover next steps including ensuring that proper credentialing and insurance are in place. Learn how to seize career growth opportunities and achieve professional growth.

  • Find out about required credentialing in your new reole, and issues surrounding malpractice, negligence, and liability insurance
  • Negotiate employment issues, such as annual reviews and opprotiunties for re-negotiation
  • Discover how to become a leader within your community and profession
  • How to properly leave a position and seek a new one