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Dermatology 101 for Primary Care NPs

1-Day Livestream CE

Victor Czerkasij

Victor Czerkasij

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Dermatology 101 for Primary Care NPs: Dermatology FUNdamentals; Identifying & Treating Common Conditions & Lesions; Dermatology in Older Adults; & Skin Cancer Updates

Schedule: 8 AM – 4 PM (includes breaks)


Increase your core dermatology knowledge and learn to diagnose and treat the most frequently encountered dermatologic conditions in primary care, including common conditions and lesions, acne and rosacea, atopic dermatitis, dermatologic conditions in older patients, and skin cancer. Dermatology expert and national speaker Victor Czerkasij, MA, MSN, FNP-BC, known for his passion, enthusiasm, and ability to make dermatology understandable, will cover the following topics:


Dermatology FUNdamentals: Beginning Basics for the Novice

While dermatology encompasses over 2,300 diseases and disorders across the body’s largest organ and patients often present with underlying issues not even related to the skin, learning basic principles of science and identification will allow for excellent diagnosis, treatment, and outcomes for even the most hesitant of new providers. This session will break down manageable approaches and build confidence for the most common conditions faced in the primary care setting. Dermatology expert Victor Czerkasij, MA, MS, FNP-BC, provides tools and tips to help nurse practitioners build a strong foundation in dermatologic knowledge and grow their dermatology skills.


Dermatology: Learning to Identify and Manage Common Conditions and Lesions

Learn to identify and manage the most common dermatologic conditions and lesions seen in patients. Helpful insights, pearls, and tips for expanding your dermatology knowledge base are provided in this practical presentation.


Dermatology in the Older Adult                                                                                 

Learn prevention strategies, risk factors, and how to implement evidence-based interventions for the myriad dermatologic conditions found in older adults. In many older adults, illnesses manifest through the skin. Drug eruptions, intertrigo, scabies, xerosis, pruritus, and stubborn seborrheic dermatitis are only a few of the challenges in older skin presented in this informative program.  


 Skin Cancer: Best Practices in Diagnosing, Treating, and Preventing Non-Melanoma Skin Cancers

While highly curable in the early stages, the death rate of non-melanoma skin cancers (NMSC) continues to climb, with at least 20% of the US population receiving a skin cancer diagnosis by age 70 that often require treatment involving plastic surgery. This session will also review some of the more recent non-surgical innovations for treatment. Learn to identify and prevent the most common skin cancers and what procedures are used to definitively diagnose a variety of suspicious lesions, so you can offer your patients the best available choices for course of action.

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