Psychopharmacology 101 for Primary and Acute Care NPs

Sally K. Miller

Sally K. Miller

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This psychopharmacology course for the non-psychiatric-mental health NP begins with a discussion of the science and treatment targets in psychopharmacology. In this this foundational course, pharmacology expert and national speaker, Dr. Miller, analyzes the nuances of drug choice through a case-study approach to evaluation and treatment of depression, anxiety, mood disorders, sleep disorders, and attention deficit disorders. Primary and acute care NPs will:

·         Gain a more in-depth understanding of the various drug classes

·         Learn how to select the best treatment option from the spectrum of antidepressants, anxiolytics, second generation antipsychotics, psychostimulants, and sedative/hypnotics.

The following topics are addressed:

  • Physiologic Basis of Pharmacotherapy in Psychiatric Disorders
  • Depression & Anxiety Treatment: Determining the Optimal Medication
  • Mood Disorders: Choosing the Most Effective Treatment Option
  • ADD & Sleep Medications: When & What to Prescribe

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