For more than 31 years, Fitzgerald Health has offered education solutions — beyond the highly regarded Fitzgerald Review — to Universities across the country.

With Amplify from Fitzgerald Health, it’s now easier than ever to complement your Nurse Practitioner Program with high-quality NP education.

Amplify is a learning enrichment solution uniquely designed to enhance Nurse Practitioner Program curriculum, exceed the expectations of clinical preceptors and prepare students to pass the board certification exam on the first try.

University faculty can implement Amplify learning components at every phase of their NP program to meet student demands and continue to provide current, relevant, and practical hands-on education.

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Pharmacology Library

50+ courses (120+ hours) providing up-to-date pharmacology content including topics such as:

  • Chronic Pain Management
  • Hypertension Update
  • Principles of Safe Prescribing

Clinical Skills Library

70+ evidence-based learning activities on the skills clinical preceptors expect NP students to have mastered. Examples include:

  • Lab Data Interpretation
  • Suturing Skills
  • X-ray Interpretation
  • Imaging Interpretation

Intensive Library

Optional component

Robust courses (200+ hours) providing in-depth advanced coverage of the 3Ps of nursing:

  • Physical Assessment for Multiple Specialties
  • Pathophysiology*
  • Pharmacology*
  • Comprehensive Psychopharmacology for NPs

*Many Universities use the Pathophysiology and Pharmacology as a 3-credit hour course

Board Certification Exam Prep Program

Approved by 130,000+ NPs
99+% pass rates

Comprehensive review proven to improve student pass rates for national NP certification board exams

  • Covers all exams, content, and domains for each certification
  • Clinical quick-look tables
  • Hundreds of clinical color images
  • Portable audio recordings
  • Extensive online resources
  • So much more!