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A catalyst to improve student success

  • 120+ courses / 600+ hours of evidence-based education support students from the beginning of the NP program through boards and beyond
  • Case studies help improve critical thinking and clinical decision making
  • Clinically-focused learning activities help ensure optimal preparation for rotations
  • Dozens of skills-based courses are included
  • Includes the #1 Certification Exam Reviews plus Exam Prep solutions
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Amplify benefits your entire team

  • University Deans
  • Program Directors & Specialty Coordinators
  • NP Faculty

Why partner with us?

32+ years,
140,000+ NP

Founded by renowned Dr. Margaret Fitzgerald

Trust of 100+ University partners

Faculty advisors provide input that continually improves solutions

Known for High Quality Content

All courses and materials created by practicing NP experts

99%+ Certification Pass Rates

Proven review programs and learning library content

Includes 7 NP specialties

Depth and breadth across top NP specialties to support entire NP Program

What Comes with Amplify?

Learning libraries and resources that go well beyond certification review to support students throughout their entire NP program.

Foundational Library

Robust courses (85+ hours) to augment 3P basics by providing in-depth and advanced coverage in key areas. Many Universities use Pathophysiology and Clinical Pharmacology as a 3-credit courses

  • Pathophysiology for NPs & Advanced Practice Clinicians (37.7 hours, 6.4 Rx hours)
  • Clinical Pharmacology for NPs & Advanced Practice Clinicians (51.5 hours, 50.2 Rx hours)
  • Comprehensive Psychopharmacology for NPs (30.3 hours, 30.3 RX hours)
Pharmacology Library

50+ courses (85+ hours) provide up-to-date pharmacology content including topics such as:

  • Chronic Pain Management
  • Hypertension Update and Dyslipidemia
  • Pharmacology update (Most Popular!)
  • Antimicrobial Prescribing Update
  • Diabetes Management
  • Nutraceuticals Prescribing Update
  • Opioid & Non Opioid Prescribing
Clinical Skills Library

55+ evidence-based learning activities featuring the skills clinical preceptors expect NP students to have mastered.

Examples include:

  • ECG Interpretation
  • Lab Data Interpretation
  • Suturing Skills
  • Chest X-ray Interpretation
  • Imaging Interpretation
  • Cardiac Exam: Heart sounds
  • Dermatology
  • Chest Pain Evaluation
Certification Exam Prep

Proven to improve student pass rates (available for top 7 specialty tracks)

Review course includes:

  • Free practice exam & hundreds of prep questions
  • Printed student workbook
  • Extensive online resources
  • Available on-demand or livestream

Assessment tools include:

  • Pre and Post Review Tests
  • Exit Exam
  • 3P Competency Assessment (June 2021)
Includes Fitzgerald's Pass Guarantee!

Behind every Fitzgerald Review is a 99%+ passing rate and our full guarantee to support student success.

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