Viewing Assessment Results

Note: To view any test results prior to 2017, please contact Customer Service at 978.794.8366 option 4, or email

Immediately After Taking Assessment (Recommended)

  • After submitting, you will see the Scorecard. Click the Review button on bottom. (Depending on test, there might be two different views, but same steps.)

  • Upon finishing review, there will be an 'Exit Review' button, which will bring you back to the Scorecard, where the assessment can be reviewed again, or click the 'Exit' button to exit completely.

After Exiting Out Of Assessment Completely

  • Go to 'ME' tab, and find the class you are currently taking, and click into it.
  • Find the assessment you are interested in viewing the results for,and click the dropdown next to 'REVIEW' button, and then 'Review Results'.
  • To view scores and correct/incorrect of previous attempts, click on 'Result' instead of 'Review Results' (only correct/incorrect will show, not what answer was chosen, and what the correct answer was)