The Trusted Choice From NP Certification to NP Expert The Trusted Choice From NP Certification to NP Expert

NP Certification Exam Preparation

Become a Certified NP with the Proven Fitzgerald Review Method

  • 99%+ pass rate plus our Pass Guarantee
  • Prepared 140,000+ NPs to pass exams
  • Presented by NP experts who practice in the certification they teach
  • The most up-to-date, evidence-based NP Certification Exam reviews
  • Free practice exam & hundreds of prep questions included

NP Continuing Education

Comprehensive, Current & Convenient CE

  • Maintain certification with evidence-based pharmacology & clinical skills CE
  • Knowledge build & become an NPXpert with information you can immediately use in practice.
  • Courses designed and taught by nationally renowned experts, who are practicing NPs
  • Accredited by AANP

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Amplify: An NP University Program

A Curriculum Enrichment Solution

  • A catalyst to improve student success
  • Exceed preceptor expectations
  • Prepare your students to pass their certification exam
  • Boost your NP program reputation among students

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