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Lab Data Interpretation: 2-day Livestream Course

A Case-Based Approach

Margaret A. Fitzgerald

Margaret A. Fitzgerald

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  • Run Time:
  • 12.00
  • Publisher:
  • Fitzgerald Health Education Associates
  • Contact Hours:
  • 12.00
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  • 7.30
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Seminar Schedule Each Day

8 AM - 4 PM (includes lunch & breaks)

Are you looking to improve your lab data interpretation skills? Using a case-based approach, this livestream program is designed to help you refine your skills in ordering lab tests and analyzing lab results. Featuring a live Q&A with Dr. Fitzgerald, this information-packed course includes:

·         Assessment and Intervention in Common Anemias

·         Laboratory Monitoring During Drug Therapy

·         Evaluation and Intervention in Thyroid Disorders

·         Evaluation of Renal Function

·         Assessment of Hepatic Function

·         Analysis of the WBC Count and Differential

·         Evaluation in Immunologic and Autoimmune Disorders

·         Challenging Case Studies in Laboratory Diagnosis