Suturing Workshop Package: Recorded Course, 1-hour Livestream Instructor Review & Suture Kit

Theresa M. Campo

Theresa M. Campo

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Passing included online posttest(s) is required to earn contact hours, if applicable.
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 How this course works:

Step 1: Take Online Course & Practice. View the entire online video (unlimited views), use suture kit to practice suturing, and take the online posttest.

Step 2: Attend 1-hour Livestream Course. Requirement: You must complete step 1 prior to attending the 1-hour livestream review with the instructor. Demonstrate the suturing techniques you’ve learned through practicing and viewing the online course content. Get feedback on your suturing skills from the instructor. Ask any questions that you may have from the recorded course content. Prior to the start of the livestream session, please set up the video camera with internet connectivity and position it so that your suturing technique can be viewed by the instructor as you perform them using the Fitzgerald Suture Kit.

Step 3: Take brief online test to receive credit for livestream portion.

Schedule 1-hour session: Please select a date and time for your 1-hour livestream session and be sure to allow yourself enough time prior to the video session to view the recorded course and practice your suturing technique.

Suturing expert Dr. Theresa M. Campo will help you learn how to suture through a step-by-step approach. Staple repair, how to perform a punch biopsy, use of adhesive strips, and proper application of bioadhesives will also be covered. This package includes a suture CD-ROM video, the reusable Fitzgerald Suture Kit (see description below), and a one-hour livestream suture technique session (limited to 5 participants) with a suturing instructor expert (either Dr. Campo or Monica Tombasco, MS, MSNA, FNP-BC, CRNA, ENP-C).

As part of this course you will need to be able to demonstrate your suturing techniques during a live video suture technique review with a Fitzgerald suture instructor. This requires internet connectivity and a digital camera, camcorder or action camera.

IMPORTANT: Both viewing the online course and practicing suturing are required prior to attending the Livestream portion of this course.

NOTE: If you are unable to attend or have not been able to practice suturing prior to your Livestream scheduled class, we can reschedule you for an additional fee of $200.

Online Video Section: Techniques Taught in this suture techniques course

  • Local wound injection
  • Field block
  • Digital field block
  • Preparing the wound
  • Learning needle placement, and performing a simple suture
  • Running suture
  • Running locking suture
  • Horizontal mattress suture
  • Running horizontal mattress suture
  • Vertical mattress suture
  • Flap repair suture
  • Excising biopsy
  • Intradermal suture
  • Proper application of bioadhesives
  • Punch biopsy and “X” stitch
  • Staple Repair
  • Adhesive strips

The Fitzgerald Suture Kit includes:

·         Needle holder

·         Forceps

·         Scissors

  • Convenient bag suture pad and instruments
  • 6 sutures
  • Reusable Suture Pad: practice by removing completed sutures and starting over. Features differentiated layers to emulate human flesh, pre-cut wound patterns


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