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Consider integrating a comprehensive, proven Fitzgerald course to complement your university curriculum. Easy to implement and monitor, Fitzgerald programs can supplement university curriculum efficiently and effectively, and provide students with lectures from nationally renowned NP experts in pharmacology, pathophysiology, laboratory diagnosis, and certification review. Fitzgerald Testing packages help track student progress and identify areas where further education is needed. Fitzgerald's expansive learning resources can be assigned to assist students who need remediation.


Comprehensive, Current, & Convenient Courses & Resources


NP Certification Exam Review and Advanced Practice Update

Ensure that your students are prepared for their certification exam by including a proven Fitzgerald NP Certification Review in your curriculum. The leader in NP certification review, Fitzgerald offers the most comprehensive, current, and convenient evidence-based review available. Using a Fitzgerald review will increase your university pass rates and boost your students' confidence in taking the exam. The Fitzgerald Certification Review helps students prepare for clinical rotations and practice. All courses include questions to help students discover their strengths and areas that require further study.

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In-Depth Fitzgerald Testing Packages

Fitzgerald Health Education Associates testing packages are available to assist your university. Reports can be generated to include both overall score and individual topic scores; the Exit Exam includes domain scores. Fitzgerald Testing relieves faculty of time-consuming tasks, such as writing and grading tests and protects your preceptor base by ensuring that students are ready to succeed in their clinical rotations. Confirm that your students are prepared for graduation, certification, and practice through Fitzgerald testing.


Two testing package options are available to ensure student progress and success:


Exit Exam

The 150-question exit exam includes domain testing to assess student preparedness for certification and practice.

Pretesting & Post-testing

This testing program includes 75-track-specific questions that can be used at the beginning and end of a semester to measure student learning.


Learning Resources/Student Remediation

Fitzgerald has targeted learning resources to meet student needs. Professors treat our courses much the way they treat assigned reading. We have a wide array of practical evidence-based pharmacology programs, lab data courses, and clinical programs. Fitzgerald has the resources to provide students with complementary education. Included testing can help you gauge student progress.

Laboratory Data

Improve your students' lab data interpretation skills with this case-based course that reviews assessment of common anemias, evaluation of renal and hepatic function, monitoring during drug therapy, and much more. The practical case-based approach is designed to help your students learn when and what to order and how to analyze the results of laboratory tests.

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Dr. Fitzgerald's passion for pharmacology is evident in our extensive pharmacology course offerings. Fitzgerald Health's pharmacology courses will help students increase their knowledge of prescribing and feel more confident entering practice.

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Clinical Skills

Fitzgerald Health has developed extensive clinical course offerings to enhance clinical skills. Fitzgerald has live courses and workshops, online and recorded formats to meet students learning style and schedule. All courses are taught by expert Fitzgerald Faculty, all of whom maintain clinical practice.

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Comprehensive 3-Credit Courses

University faculty who use Fitzgerald courses for their curriculum tell us that our evidence-based content is comprehensive, current, and cost-effective. Including proven Fitzgerald courses in university curriculum frees faculty to allocate resources where they are most needed and to focus on individual student needs. Current courses equivalent to 3-credits available for university adoption include:




Clinical Pharmacology

As a busy professor, you may not have the time or resources to allocate to revising pharmacology content on an annual basis. The Fitzgerald Health Clinical Pharmacology course is up to date, comprehensive, and practical. This course provides students with a thorough grounding in pharmacology, which helps prepare them for clinical rotations.

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Advanced Pathophysiology

Highly acclaimed clinician-educators Dr. Margaret A. Fitzgerald and Dr. Sally K. Miller offer practical clinical insights to help students understand the relevance of pathophysiology to practice. This program is updated as needed to reflect current practice. Test questions are created using the Fitzgerald method and designed to help students grasp the material and discover areas that require further study.

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Student Advisor Program

Fitzgerald works with student advisors, one advisor per university, to inform fellow students of available steep group enrollment discounts for Live NP Certification Exam Review & Advanced Practice Update Courses. Discount rates are based on the number of students enrolled per university. In return, student advisors are rewarded for their efforts. Learn more or suggest a student advisor for your university.

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Nurse Practitioner Certification Examination and Practice Preparation, 5th edition

written by certification preparation expert Dr. Margaret Fitzgerald

The essential text for certification review and practice preparation, this book teaches the how and why of NP practice.

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